5 Creative Ideas for Used Bakery Display Cases
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Used Bakery Display Cases

5 Creative Ideas for Used Bakery Display Cases

Creative Ideas for Used Bakery Display Cases


When it comes to running a bakery, presentation plays a crucial role in attracting customers. Used bakery display cases are essential for showcasing delicious treats and enticing customers to make a purchase.

However, as time goes by, bakeries often upgrade their equipment, leaving behind used bakery display cases. Rather than letting them gather dust or throwing them away, these cases can be repurposed creatively to serve various purposes.

In this article, we will explore five innovative ideas for repurposing used bakery display cases, giving them a new lease on life.

1. Miniature Greenhouse:

Transforming a Display Case into a Miniature Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb or want to bring some greenery into your space, repurposing a used bakery display cases into a miniature greenhouse is a fantastic idea. With a few simple steps, you can create a charming home for your plants and add a touch of nature to your surroundings.

  • Gathering Supplies:

To begin, gather the necessary supplies for your miniature greenhouse project. You will need potting soil, small plant pots, seeds or seedlings, gardening tools, and any decorative elements you want to incorporate.

  • Preparing the Display Case:

Start by cleaning the used bakery display cases thoroughly, ensuring that all crumbs and debris are removed. Consider removing the glass shelves to allow for more space for your plants.

If desired, you can also paint the exterior of the display case with weather-resistant paint to protect it from the elements and add a touch of personal style.

  • Creating a Suitable Environment:

Choose a suitable location for your miniature greenhouse, preferably one that receives ample sunlight. Line the bottom of the display case with a layer of pebbles to aid in drainage. Fill the display case with potting soil and plant your chosen seeds or seedlings in the small pots.

Place them within the used bakery display cases, arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Remember to water and care for your plants regularly, providing them with the appropriate amount of sunlight and moisture.

  • Enhancing the Appeal:

To add a decorative touch, consider incorporating elements such as small figurines, decorative rocks, or miniature garden accessories within your greenhouse. These can help create whimsical and visually appealing used bakery display cases.

  • Enjoying Your Miniature Greenhouse:

Once your plants start to grow, enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your miniature greenhouse. Watch as your plants thrive in their new environment, bringing a touch of nature into your home or garden.

Take pride in repurposing your used bakery display cases into a functional and decorative piece that adds charm and greenery to your surroundings.

2. Bookcase or Curio Cabinet:

Transforming a Display Case into a Bookcase or Curio Cabinet

Give your used bakery display cases a new purpose by repurposing it into a bookcase or curio cabinet. With a bit of cleaning and customization, you can create a unique storage solution for your books, collectibles, or cherished items.

Follow these steps to transform your display case into a functional and aesthetically pleasing piece:

  • Cleaning and Customizing:

Start by cleaning the Bakery display cases thoroughly, ensuring all food residue and stains are removed. Consider repainting or refinishing the exterior to match your interior décor or personal style.

You can choose a color that complements your existing furniture or opt for a bold statement with a contrasting hue.

  • Determining Shelf Arrangement:

Decide whether you want to keep the glass shelves or replace them with wooden ones. Glass shelves provide a sleek and modern look, while wooden shelves can add warmth and a rustic touch.

Assess the height and spacing of the shelves based on the items you plan to display. Adjust them accordingly to accommodate books or taller collectibles.

  • Organizing Your Books or Collectibles:

Categorize your books or collectibles before arranging them on the shelves. Consider organizing them by genre, author, or theme for books, and by type, era, or significance for collectibles. This will make it easier to locate specific items and create an aesthetically pleasing display.

  • Adding Decorative Touches:

Enhance the visual appeal of your bookcase or curio cabinet by incorporating decorative elements. Place small potted plants, framed photos, or decorative figurines among your items.

Consider using bookends to keep books upright or displaying small signage or labels to add a personalized touch.

  • Maintaining and Updating:

Regularly dust and clean your display case bookcase or curio cabinet to keep it looking its best. Periodically update and rearrange the items on display to provide a fresh and engaging look. This allows you to showcase different books or highlight specific collectibles at various times.

3. Kids’ Play Kitchen:

Transforming a Display Case into a Kids’ Play Kitchen

If you have children or want to create a fun play area, repurposing a bakery display case into a kids’ play kitchen is an excellent choice. With some simple modifications and the addition of play kitchen accessories, you can provide hours of imaginative play for your little ones.

Follow these steps to create a delightful play kitchen:

  • Safety First:

Before repurposing the display case, ensure it is free of any sharp edges or potentially harmful components. Smooth any rough areas and remove glass shelves that may pose a risk to children. Make sure the materials used for modification are child-friendly and non-toxic.

  • Adding Play Kitchen Accessories:

Transform the display case into a mini play kitchen by incorporating various accessories. Attach hooks or magnetic strips inside the case to hang play utensils, pots, and pans.

Use adhesive-backed vinyl or paint to create a stovetop or oven design on the top surface. You can also add small storage containers or baskets for play food and kitchen supplies.

  • Encouraging Imaginative Play:

Place the play kitchen in a designated play area and let children’s imaginations soar. Encourage role-playing, cooking, and pretend baking. Provide play food, utensils, and pots and pans to enhance the play experience. You can also add a small table and chairs nearby for a complete kitchen setup.

  • Educational Opportunities:

A play kitchen offers educational benefits as well. Use it as an opportunity to teach children about food, nutrition, and kitchen safety. Engage them in counting, sorting, and imaginative storytelling while they play. Encourage creativity and problem-solving as they pretend to cook and serve meals.

  • Personalization and Decoration:

Add personal touches to the play kitchen to make it even more special. Decorate the exterior with stickers, removable wallpaper, or paint in bright and appealing colors. Hang pictures or drawings by your child to create a personalized touch. Let your child help with the decoration to foster a sense of ownership and creativity.

4. Home Office Storage:

Transforming a Display Case into Home Office Storage

Turn your used bakery display cases into a practical storage solution for your home office. By reorganizing the interior, adding shelves, and arranging your office supplies, you can create a stylish and functional workspace that keeps everything you need within reach.

Follow these steps to repurpose your display case into a home office storage unit:

  • Assessing the Display Case:

Examine the dimensions and structure of the display case to determine how it can best serve your storage needs. Consider the number and height of the shelves, as well as any additional modifications that may be required.

  • Cleaning and Customizing:

Thoroughly clean the display case, removing any food residue or stains. If desired, paint the exterior to match your office decor or give it a fresh look. Consider adding decorative elements like contact paper, washi tape, or decals to personalize the display case.

  • Determining Storage Requirements:

Evaluate your office storage needs and identify the types of items you need to organize. This may include books, files, stationery, office supplies, or electronic devices. Measure the dimensions of your items to ensure they fit comfortably within the display case.

  • Adding Shelves and Dividers:

If needed, add additional shelves or dividers to customize the interior space. This can be done using materials such as wood, acrylic, or metal. Install them securely to create separate compartments for different types of items.

  • Organizing Office Supplies:

Categorize and sort your office supplies, such as pens, notepads, files, and stationery. Arrange them in an organized manner within the display case.

Use dividers, trays, or small baskets to keep similar items together and maintain a clutter-free workspace. Consider labeling the shelves or compartments for easy identification and access to the items you need.

  • Incorporating Tech Solutions:

If you have electronic devices like a printer or a charging station, create dedicated spaces within the display case to accommodate them. Install cable management solutions to keep cords organized and prevent tangling.

  • Adding Personal Touches:

Make your home office storage display case more appealing by adding personal touches. Display a few decorative items or small potted plants to create a pleasant working environment. Incorporate a small bulletin board or whiteboard on the side of the display case to jot down reminders or pin important notes.

5. Art Supply Storage:

Transforming a Display Case into Art Supply Storage

For the creative individuals out there, repurposing a display case into an art supply store is a great way to keep your materials organized and easily accessible. With a few modifications and the right organization techniques, you can turn your old display case into a haven for your paints, brushes, and other artistic tools.

Follow these steps to repurpose your display case into art supply storage:

  • Cleaning and Preparing the Display Case:

Start by thoroughly cleaning the display case to remove any food residue or stains. Consider repainting the exterior to match your artistic space or personal style. Remove any glass shelves if desired or add additional shelves to accommodate various art supplies.

  • Organizing Art Materials:

Categorize your art supplies, such as paints, brushes, sketchbooks, and markers. Use jars, cups, or small containers to hold brushes and pencils.

Utilize drawer organizers or small storage boxes to keep smaller items neatly arranged. Arrange the supplies in a visually pleasing manner, making it easy to find what you need during your artistic endeavors.

  • Labeling and Accessibility:

Label the shelves or containers to identify the contents of each compartment. This helps you quickly locate the materials you need. Ensure that frequently used items are easily accessible, while less frequently used items can be stored in the lower or higher sections of the display case.

  • Displaying Finished Artwork:

Turn the display case into a gallery for your finished artwork. Attach clips or strings to the top interior of the case to hang paintings or drawings. Alternatively, prop up artwork against the back of the display case, creating an attractive backdrop for your creative space.

  • Personalizing the Space:

Add personal touches to your art supply storage display case to create an inspiring environment. Place inspiring artwork, photographs, or quotes on the exterior or interior of the display case. Consider adding a small lamp or adjustable lighting to illuminate your workspace and highlight your materials.

  • Maintenance and Organization:

Regularly clean and organize your art supplies to keep your display case tidy and functional. Reevaluate the organization periodically to ensure it still meets your needs and makes adjustments as necessary. This helps maintain an efficient and inspiring space for your artistic pursuits.


Don’t let your used bakery display cases go to waste. With a little creativity and some simple modifications, these cases can be transformed into functional and visually appealing pieces for any restaurant.

Whether you repurpose them into a miniature greenhouse, a bookcase, a kids’ play kitchen, home office storage, or art supply storage, these ideas will breathe new life into your old display cases. Embrace the spirit of innovation and enjoy the benefits of repurposing while reducing waste and adding a unique touch to your home or business.

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